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Butterflies – Play Clay craft

Kids can make these colorful butterflies using clay within minutes. Let’s see how…

Glimpse of the Result:

Clay Butterfly

For this you will need play clay in a few colors.

Step 1: 

Take the clay and shape it like the body of a butterfly.

Step 2:

Start by making two large wings in a circular shape and attach it to the body of the butterfly.

Step 3:

Make two smaller sized wings and attach it to the lower part.

Step 4:

Make few dots in a different color clay and place it on the wings.

Step 5:

Make the eyes and antennae for the butterfly.

You can make these clay butterflies in different colors. Few dents and patterns can be made using a toothpick to define lines on its body or put a smile on its face. The butterfly wing pattern is also something you can experiment with.



  1. Cute Work.

  2. Hi Ramya, I was surfing for glass paintings and landed up here. Pretty interesting ideas you have. And simple too. Best of luck.

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