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Sikku Kolam_3

Sikku Kolam Designs

For those of you who love to draw sikku kolams but find them complex, here are a few simple sikku kolam designs to start with.

Design 1 :

Dots – 7 X  3.  Start from 7 till 3 (straight dots – in line)

Sikku Kolam_1

Design 2:

Dots – 9 to 1 (straight dots – in line)

Sikku Kolam_2Design 3:

Dots – 9 to 1 (straight dots – in line)

Sikku Kolam_3Design 4:

Dots – 11 to 1 (straight dots – in line)

Sikku Kolam_4

This kolam isn’t half an difficult as it looks.  It is quite simple for a sikku kolam. Give it a shot!


  1. hi im lakshmi from delhi and i like yours wepsite

  2. nice kolam and i like this all kolams

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