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MF Hussain

M.F. Hussain (1915-2011)

M.F. Hussain, the Picasso of India has been one of the most famous painters of Indian Origin. Born in the year 1915, over the decades of his career as a painter, he claimed name and fame for the varied types of paintings that he painted.

In the year 1947, he joined the Progressive artists group and in the same year, his work was exhibited for the first time in the Bombay Art Society. After this, he also won the Padmashri award, one of the highly prestigious awards of India in the year 1955.

Hussain’s short films have also been widely acclaimed for the kind of story lines he had chosen. He went on to win the the Golden Bear award at the International Film Festival at Berlin for his short film titled “Through the Eyes of a Painter”.

Hussain – The Master

M.F. Hussain
Hussain’s painting became some of the highest grossing psintings and he very soon became the highest paid painter of India. The dexterity with which Hussain used to paint is worth mentioning. He once painted for a group of school children and they were dumbstruck at the speed in which Hussain painted.

The characters of many of Hussain’s paintings are seen without facial features and this was also recognized as his style by the masses.

Due to the fact that many of his paintings affected the religious sentiments of the Hindus, there was lot of controversies around this. He was then on a  self imposed exile from India. In spite of being exiled, during many situations, Hussain communicated his affinity towards his motherland and that he missed India.  “I loved India, but India rejected me..” he said.

This great artist passed away on June 9, 2011 (today) and it is with a sense of sorrow that every art enthusiast would recollect this day. He has been an amazing inspiration to many of us and his paintings would continue to impart that inspiration for years to come.

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