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Vertical Labret Piercing

Labret Piercing

Labret piercing is a type of body piercing to get your lip pierced. It derives its name from the word labrum which means upper lip. The art of adorning one’s labrum is labret piercing. Let us see a few types and jewelry suitable for labret piercing.

The traditional type of labret piercing is the piercing below the lower lip. Nowadays, piercing is all done on the upper lip as well.

Vertical Labret Piercing

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Snake bites are a type of piercing in which piercings are done on the two sides of the lower lips. Vertical labret is the most common type of piercing in which the labret starts from the top of the lower lip and comes out from below the lower lip.

Monroe Labret Piercing

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Since labret piercing is done on the lips, this generally takes a loner time to heal than the piercings done in other parts of the body. The piercing is made on one side of the lip and then on the other side of the lip, a labret plug is used to close the jewelry worn. The lips are stretched and the piercing is made. Rings are used to adorn the piercing initially. Different types of jewelry can then be worn to adorn the piercings made.

Labret Piercing rings

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The unmatched style that you always wanted is what your piercing is sure to give you. Carrying off the piercing well is definitely the final touch you need to make your piercings absolutely gorgeous!


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