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How To Make a Brooch with Crystal Beads

This is a step by step tutorial which will show you how to make a beaded brooch with plastic crystal beads. Jewelry making doesn’t get simpler.. trust me!

Glimpse of the Crystal Brooch:

Beaded Brooch

For this you will need,:

  • Wire
  • Plastic crystal beads (in required color and size)
  • Wire cutter
  • Safety Pin

CrystalHow To:

Step 1:

This brooch will have three parts. For the first part, cut the wire using the wire cutter in the required length. I cut a 3 cm length wire.

Brch2Step 2:

Since the shape would be like a butterfly, to make the first part which is the wing of the butterfly, twist the wire in the appropriate shape.

Brch3Step 3:

Take the plastic crystal beads and slide the beads along the wire. You can use multi-colored crystal beads as well.

Step 4:

Twist the edges of the wire together so that the beads are held within the string/wire.


Step 5:

Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the other wing of the butterfly. Wire of same length should be cut; preferably slide the same number of beads too.


Step 6:

We will now make the center part of the butterfly, its body. Cut a slightly longer piece of wire (in this case 4.5 cm).

Step 7:

Gently curl one end of the wire like the antenna of a butterfly.

brch6Step 8:

Slide the beads in this string leaving a few millimeters at the end.

Step 9:

Once the beads have been slid, curl the other antenna just like the one shown in step 7 to hold the beads in the wire.


Step 10:

Shape the wire and join its two sides in an even manner.

brch8Step 11:

Attach both the wings to each side of the body using the twisted wire. This is pretty simple to do, however you can choose to use a needle nose-plier to twist the wire if needed.

Plastic crystal brooch

Use a safety pin to pin this accessory to the outfit.

Very simple and easy piece of jewelry to do. You can make these in different shapes for your kids or for a fun party to suit your outfit.


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