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Glass Painting

How to make a Reverse Glass Painting

In this tutorial we shall see how to go about making a reverse glass painting. This is a fairly simple technique and can be done with perfection within a few hours. Reverse glass painting  is the type of painting where a painting is done on one side of the glass sheet and is viewed from the other side.

Reverse Glass Painting Designs:

Glass Painting

For this you will need:

  1. A sheet of plain smooth glass
  2. Acrylic colors (preferably fabric colors)
  3. Brushes
  4. A base drawing which can be painted on the glass

How To:

Step 1:

Take the glass and place it on the base image. For this tutorial, I have chosen the image of Lord Ganesh. The outline of the image has to be clear so that it becomes easy to trace the sketch on the glass. Ensure that the glass clean, dust and scratch free.

Glass Painting

Step 2:

Trace the outline of the image using black acrylic color or any other outline color that suits the picture chosen. For those of you who are beginners, you can first use a sketch pen or a marker to draw the outline on the glass.

Ensure that the glass stays on the same location above the picture so that there is no distortion. My outline at each stage during the process is shown below:

Glass PaintingStep 3:

When painting the sketch with human figures or Gods and goddesses, ensure that the facial features are neat. This is what will give your painting the professionally painted look.

After you remove the picture used for drawing the outline, the final sketch would be as shown below.

Glass Painting

Hey, you people have to excuse the quality of my images. The lighting is quite poor I am afraid!

Step 4:

The next step is to pick the right colors for the painting. Since the picture I’ve chosen can have bright colors, I’ve painted it as shown below.

The final sketch would be as shown below.Step 5:

While painting the image, keep in mind the background you propose to have for your painting before you get it framed. I am thinking of having a silver foil as the background, so have chosen flesh tint color for the body of the god with tinge of bright colors complementing the light colored to be background. After the colors are all painted, allow it to dry for at least a three to four hours.

Glass Painting

Step 6:

Now that the paint is dry, reverse the image. And its done!

Glass Painting Ganesh


Reverse glass paintings can be made with different types of paints; the best options are using stained glass paints and acrylic fabric colors. Depending on the type of picture chosen, choose the right type of paints. You can use gem stones to decorate the painting. Also, choose the right frame for the painting.

Get creative and have fun folks. Simple art and joyful to do as well.


  1. While selecting the image (step 1), make sure the image is the “mirror image” otherwise, if you see your Step 6, Ganesh is holding the laadu in the right hand, instead of left hand as in the original image.

    • You’re right Vishwanath! After completing my base drawing I realised that… then decided to go ahead coz’ ganesha won’t mind :)!!

  2. hi i saw ur wrks.good,nice.but i need a help i want swami raghavendra painting outline design

  3. hi nice to meet u.can u help me actually i want god ragavendra glass picture outline

  4. hi

    it is lovely….what is the size of the glass that you have chosen?

  5. Why are fabric paints preferred? Do they adhere better?

  6. How did you adhere silver foil without the adhesive showing?

  7. Hi,

    Its very helpful.

    i have done couple of glass paintings with camel glass paints. Currently trying to explore few more options like acrylic colors.

    Need to know if i can use glass paints for Reverse Glass Painting?

  8. Hi,
    The painting was very nice but if glass painting is used then it will look more beautiful……

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