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Paper hat

How to Make a Paper Hat

Origami is one of the interesting craft activities which can be made with just a single piece of paper. Paper hats can be made within a couple of minutes and very easily. If you have a party at home, you can make your own hats in different colors and sizes!

Let us now see how you can make a paper hat.

Glimpse of the Result:

Paper hat

For this you will need a rectangular piece of paper in the required size.

Paper hat

How To:

Step 1:

Place the paper on a plane surface with the inside of the to-be hat facing you. The colored side of the paper should rest on the surface.

Step 2:

Fold the paper along the dotted lines.

Paper hat

Step 3:

Place the folded paper with the fold at the top and the open end at the bottom.

Paper hat

Step 4:

Take the right end of the top and fold it inwards. Similarly repeat it for the left end. It should look as shown below.

Paper hatStep 5:

Fold the bottom part of the rectangle in the manner shown below.

Paper hat

Step 6:

Turn over and repeat the step.

Paper hat

Open it and your hat is ready!

Get creative and make this in different colors and sized. You can decorate it with glitters and stickers as well.

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