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Tour of 9 Tasteful Art Galleries

For all you art fans out there below are a few art galleries online which serve as amazing visual treats!

Get ready for the virtual but certainly enriching tour of art…

1. Art Gallery NSW

Art gallery

This art gallery has been presenting art of Australia for over 3 decades now. The art works are displayed in an eye catching manner. The gallery has a vast permanent collection of paintings and artwork by various artists sprawling across multiple themes. They also conduct annual exhibitions such as Archibald Prize and ARTEXPRESS.  Catalogues and educational material are also available for download on their website. For an enhanced experience, an online tour of the gallery is also available.

2. Art Gallery of South Australia

Art gallery

Another Art gallery from Australia – the ‘Collections’ section has a very well organized section of artworks presented. Each work of art has the detailed credentials of the artist displayed. Provision to search for an artwork by artist or any other key parameter can be done to view the desired collection. Membership details to the gallery have been provided and visitors can apply online as well. The exhibitions held in the gallery are available for view and can be browsed in detail.

3. Honolulu Academy of Arts

Art gallery

The Honolulu Academy of Arts is primarily centered on the diverse community of Hawaii. This gallery has more than 50,000 art works and spreading over thousands of years of Hawaiian culture. Apart from this,  art forms from different parts of the world such as Asian and European art collection is also available. The collections are categorized under various periods such as Renaissance, 19th century, Medieval period and so on. This gallery definitely serves as a treasure house of yesteryear’s art works.

4. Manchester Art Gallery

Art gallery

The art galleries, events/exhibitions have all been made available for the visitors. The online shop in this gallery is quite different from the rest in terms that interesting pieces of art can be shopped at affordable cost and a collection of items such as gifts, books, postcards and well crafted stationery are available to choose from. The ‘Families’ section also serves as a good source of information on planning visits to the gallery with your beloved ones.

5. Vancouver Art Gallery

Art gallery

The Vancouver art gallery has more than 10,000 art work spread across categories and by various artists from Vancouver. Provision to view the gallery and the collection online is available to the visitors. The ‘Get Involved’ section of the gallery allows visitors to apply and become a privileged member of the gallery.

6. The National Gallery

Art gallery

The Paintings section of this gallery is quite a treat.  The paintings have been categorized in such a manner that the visitor does not miss any of the key paintings.  Specifically, the ’30 Must-see’ paintings is a section which helps even first time visitors to smoothly navigate through the paintings. Just like this feature, the facility to view the works by century is also quite neat.

7. Delhi Art Gallery

Art gallery

Exhibitions, events, vast collection of art works, an events calendar and artist spotlights are all a part of this gallery. Periodically, the section of new acquisitions is updated with news on latest acquisitions by the gallery. Visitors can get themselves registered in Delhi art Gallery site to get updates on events and acquisitions. Certain publications by noted artists are available for download at a price.

8. Yale University Art Gallery

Art gallery

This gallery has some really classic collections. One of the recent exhibits, ‘The Hunter Thompson Collection’ is a fine example of the rich repository that this gallery carrier. The ‘Search’ option available is far more user friendly and flexible to find the artwork the visitor wants to view.

9. National Gallery of Art, Washington

Art gallery

More than many other galleries, this gallery has a detailed section dedicated to Sculpture, decorative arts and Architecture. Opportunities for volunteers and scholarships are also detailed. The online tour gives the visitor a good view of the artwork and a description of the work as well. Many videos and podcasts are also provided on selected topics.


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