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Pulli Kolam

Pulli Kolam (Dotted Kolams)

Pulli Kolam which means dotted kolams in tamil, is a type of kolam in which a set of dots are made in a particular fashion and the dots are joined together to result in beautiful patterns.

A few such pulli kolam patterns are shown below:

Pulli Kolam

These kolams are drawn using a mixture of rice flour on the ground near house entrances.

Pulli Kolam

These kolams shown have a red shade given for a few designs, these represent the semmann (red sand) which is generally used during special occasions to add beauty to the ezhai kolams.

Pulli KolamEzhai kolams are drawn using a little piece of cloth, which is kind of like a brush to draw the kolams. Ezhai kolams are made by mixing the kolam powder (kolam maa) with water in a required consistency.

Pulli Kolam

These kolams we see are called kambi kolams in which the kolam patterns are drawn using lines and curves to connect the dots. The level of symmetry and precision that are seen in these legacy arts are astounding.

Pulli Kolam

In the month of december (Tamil Margazhi month), women in the southern districts of India draw many such huge columns early morning in the house entrances. This is believed to bring prosperity to the homes.



  1. Pulli Kolam is part of Tamil culture. And it’s very attractive art.

  2. great kolams…… very interesting to draw.. send me more kolams……..

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