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short nail art designs

Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

Most nail art designs which we come across are for long nails or involve attaching artificial nails. For the ones who have got short nails and would like to wear different nail art designs, here is your page.

These are some nail art designs for short nails, these are simple yet look very pretty on your nails.

short nail art designsImage Credit

These nail art designs do not need any explanation of how to get those done. By looking at most of these designs, you will be able to start getting these nail art done as well.

short nail art designsImage Credit

The nail art shown below is quite simple. But has a beautiful combination of colors and looks very elegant. Can be painted with perfection and has a glowing look.

short nail art designsImage Credit

This is my favorite, very beautifully made (special applause to the creator of this nail art). Such different designs can be made with perfection and has a very fashionable look.

short nail art designsImage Credit

The one shown below has simple konad stamping done.

short nail art designsImage Credit

These nail art designs will suit short nails really well and will give your nails the look you’ve always wanted. Have fun!


  1. Beautiful!! I go with you the nail art with black and silver looks awesome!!!

  2. need designs that can be done easily at home with tooth picks and simple nail polish rather than applying with costly nail art pen……by the way it should be simple ,cute ,easy and attractive toooooooo……………
    guys if any one of u have such designs pls email me

    • hi,
      u could try this.
      apply any light base colour. then take a red nailpolish and put 5 dots in the shape of a flower. take a toothpick, put it in the centre of the red dot and drag it inside to the centre. do the same with the rest of the 4 dots. u’ll end up with a nice 3d kinda flower.
      u could make polka dot designs in any colour combination like pink & white, red & white, blu & white etc. they really look very pretty. can be done on short or long nails & easy to do.
      hope this helps u.

  3. good idea with the black and the silver stripes you should add some red or white dots at the end of each stripe hope if i gave you another idea

  4. Absolutely LOVELY!! i have trouble finding cute designs for my short nails and this is the answer!! plus they are incredibally easy

  5. awosome for my short nails

  6. Try a base coat of red and then using the french manicure strips the opposite way at the end of the nail. Apply black to the ends. Drag a black line down the middle of the nail with small dots either side of the line. Put two small dots in white on the black tip of the nail and you have cute lady bugs. I usually do one nail or two nails with a yellow base coat to be different.

  7. I am not so keen on the designs they are okay. I was looking for something funky?

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