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Christmas Decoration Ideas – Handmade Christmas Wreaths

I’ve decided to line up a few articles with Theme – ‘Christmas’! So let me start off by welcoming you all to the main door and the handmade Christmas wreath. The very first thing and the decoration that gives you the ‘Christmassy’ look and feel are wreaths.  So to start off making your own this year, let’s see a few different ideas.

Wreath 1 – The Yarn wreath

This wreath is made with circular yarn bundles – you could pick different colors for making the wreath and also use metallic balls to give a shinier look to the wreath.


Image Credit

Traditional wreath colors, the typical green and red never go out of style!


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Wreath 2 – The Wreath made of buttons!

You could start of by getting the circular frame ready. After which use buttons of various sizes, preferably ranging from medium to large size buttons and glue them to the frame you have. Use smaller size buttons to add a more professional look to the wreath after the circular frame has been covered up with the buttons.

Use a ribbon or a sash to hang the wreath and give it a stylish look. See below.

Again – experiment with colors…

WreathImage Credit-1   

Image Credit-2

Wreath 3 – The cute Feathers Wreath

This wreath is made with feathers and is kind of my personal favorite too. Here again, you start off with a circular frame of the required size and then glue the feathers to the frame to make the cute wreath as shown below. Here you could also go for feathers of different color but ensure that they are arranged in a certain pattern. This way, the wreath looks well done.


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Wreath 4 – The wreath made of Christmas Balls

Use Christmas ball ornaments or metallic balls and tie them around in the circular frame to make the wreath with balls. This wreath has quite a glittering look.


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Wreath 5 – Tissue Paper Wreath

For Kids, Tissue paper wreath is a fun activity to do.

Christmas Wreath Making

Here is the DIY Tutorial for how you can make this wreath.

These are just a few examples and option you could try out. But, let your creativity flow, you can experiment with different materials and lot of choices are available.

Christmas crafts are a fun activity for kids too!

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