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Stained Glass paintings

Stained Glass painting is a form of painting which could be done on things we see or use every day and could also be used to enhance the beauty of decorative items. This form of painting could be seen in windows of old buildings and cathedrals.

Glass painting collection

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Many paint the glass ware that is placed on the dining tables or on the glass ware that is used for special occasions. Glass painting is made using paints which are available in stained glass bottles. These paints give the transparent effect to the painting.

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A sketch is first made on the inside of the glass surface. This sketch could be made with the sketching pen which is available for this purpose. If a complicated pattern is chosen, then you could probably trace out the design or even stick the paper to the other side so that the pattern could be made accordingly. Once the outline is ready, the glass paints of suitable colors are used to make the shades. The below image shows a Christmas ornament with glass painting done:

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Glass paintings on glass ware typically have floral patterns with lighter shades while paintings made on a plexi-glass sheet or a glass mirror which is intended to become a showpiece could be of any design. Glass paintings on crystal balls are also done.

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It is important that a sealer is applied on to the painting once the painting dries since this helps in preserving the pattern. Sealers also help to protect the paintings from fingerprints thereby helping to retain the clarity of the paintings.Painted Glass

These paintings require a few materials like liner and glass colors. A tutorial on making the above work is provided here to get you started with this colorful art.


  1. great glass paintings i really like all…



  2. hi
    liked ur work. what type of glass colour have yyou used?

  3. hi Ramya works are very nice , i want to learn paper crafts , please guide me ,

  4. hi Ramya,
    its really superb i have one query can you plz tell me the paints used on the glasses are those water proof wher can i buy them i stay in south Bangalore is it available in all stationery will i be able to find in staples waiting for your reply

    Scindya Sony A

    • Glass colors are available in any good craft supplies store… Fevicryl glass colours (and outliners) are easily available in India…these will be suitable.

  5. its really awesome, ur paintings were touched my heart

  6. Hi Mam,

    I am beginner for glass painting .i have already finished one glass painting but that’s have some problems like edges are not filled properly and some places are dark and some places are light .but in that painting time i didn’t see that difference after drying only i see there.how to overcome that problem . kindly give me a solution mam. and also i want to know about mural painting on glass ,which material i can use and that painting techniques.please reply me mam.

    • Hello Asha. The only way is to start from the outside and slowly cover the inner parts, clearly observing the areas covered. Mural paintings – I’ve done with Shilpkar clay, air dry clay and M seal. I usually use acrylic colors for mural paintings. All the best!

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