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Rangoli – A colourful delight

Rangoli is a traditional art form which is cherished is India. Rangoli is kind of a drawing which is drawn on the floor using coloured powder. An attractive drawing is made at the front of the house and this is filled with colours. Rangoli is drawn to welcome guests and is also considered to be auspicious.

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These decorative designs are made in the living room and puja room as well. This is done especially during festivals and certain special occasions. Generally, the powder is made of rice flour and the required dye is added to bring out different colours. Some people use dried grated coconut or mix small salt cubes along with the rice flour. This is because, when this mixture is used to fill the designs, the salt cubes sparkle in sunlight adding more beauty to the designs.

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Since these patterns are liked by all, this art form is cherished and rangolis are drawn for any religious occasion. Also even in educational and corporate institutions, these designs are drawn to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of the country.

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