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Oil Paintings

Oil painting is one of the oldest painting techniques which has been practiced by artists over centuries. Oil paints are made by mixing pigments as per requirement and then mixing with the suitable oils. In early days, oil paints which are now termed as earthy colors were formed to bring out the colors of the earth. Over the years, to facilitate the use of paints, oil paints were made available in tubes.

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The oil painting additives have different properties and the suitable additive for the painting is used to mix the pigments.

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The canvas for oil paintings is typically made out of linen in order to bring out the required finish to the paintings. Other materials such as cotton fabric have also gained popularity, although linen canvas is still the preferred base.

Oil paintings have been extremely popular in France and noted artists and works can be traced back to this country. Various forms of oil paintings also trace back their roots to the French artists.

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Due to the mixture of pigments and additives used for oil paints, these paintings take longer durations to dry. Once the paintings dry, a coat of varnish is applied in order to conserve the paintings for longer periods. This methodology has gone a little out of style these days.

Oil paintings due to their techniques and stroke styles are surely a treasure to preserve over generations.

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