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Airbrushes are air operated tools which are used to spray paint or dyes on any canvas. Airbrushes earlier were operated using a compressor and later on innovative techniques brought in help to spray paint through the process of nebulization.

Paintings using Airbrushes

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Air brushes were commonly used to spray paints on cars and other auto mobiles. Also air brushes are used to do retouches on old paintings for restoration works.

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Another common use of airbrushes is in t-shirt printing and airbrushes are used to paint logos and images on the t-shirts with different colors.

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Many use air brushes to paint their furnishings and beddings with different images, mostly floral and traditional designs.

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In the fashion industry, airbrushes are use for make-up and also for drawing temporary tattoos. Spray-on tan centers use air brushes to spray on the tan. Airbrushes help to spray the tan evenly on the skin. However airbrushes if used for cosmetic purposes need high control and precision while using it.

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