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Temples of Traditional India

The traditional south Indian temples were built centuries ago by the rulers of the territories. Each of these temples are dedicted to a particular God or Goddess and stand testimony to the architectural excellence of the sculptors of yesteryears.

Viruthagereeswar Temple

Trichy Ganesh Temple

There are many temples which have been built on mountains and hill tops. Some of such famous temples could be the Ganesh temple in Trichy (Malaikottai), the abode of Lord Balaji in Tirupathi and many temples of Lord Murugan in and around Tamil Nadu.

Sculptures and idols of Gods and Goddesses are carved in an extremely detailed and powerful fashion that these stone sculptures still remain attractive and pull large number of devotees around the year.

Most of the South Indian temples, esp., those in the state of Tamil Nadu are built of stone and a large number of pillars in the temple have beautiful carvings in the pillars depicting mythology and various scriptures. One such temple is the Goddess Meenakshi temple in Madurai which is famous for its 1000 pillars standing strong and enthralling the devotees. This temple is particularly popular among tourists and is an architectural marvel.

The hundreds of temples have to be preserved and maintained well to enable the future generations to cherish these legacies of the past generations.

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