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Pookalam (Floral Rangolis)

Pookalams are floral designs born in God’s Own Country – Kerala, India. These floral designs are used to adorn houses in Kerala during the festive season of Onam. Flowers of various colors are carefully picked and are arranged to result in a beautiful rangoli filled with flowers.

‘Poo’ means flower and ‘kalam’ means design or pattern in Malayalam. These flower carpets are made using a variety of flowers and based on the design, flowers are chosen.

Pookalam Patterns:


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Pookalams were originally done in such a way so as to reflect the ten day ritual of Onam symbolized by ten rings.

Onam Sadhya

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However, nowadays, they are used mostly for decorating and hence themes could be anything ranging from Hindu mythology or cultural aspects to a simple geometric pattern which is made into a colorful pattern.

Lamps are also placed in the pookalams to add to the beauty of these pookalam. Nowadays, even in various other parts of the country, pookalams are used to adorn houses during festive occasions such as diwali.

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