Ezhai Kolam

There are several traditions followed by Indians over the ages – one of these traditions is the practice of drawing a kolam on the ground, near the entrance of one’s home. A kolam is like a painting which is drawn on the floor using rice flour. Kolams were originally drawn not only for adornment, but also because the rice flour in the kolams could serve as food for ants and other insects.

Ezhai Kolam Designs:

The kolam here was drawn on the day of Janmaashtami (Lord Krishna’s birthday) and so I have stamped krishna’s footprint at the center of the kolam design.

Kolams are believed to bring prosperity and are hence drawn early morning to welcome the Goddess of wealth – Lakshmi. There are various kolam patterns and a specific pattern is chosen and drawn for the appropriate occasion. Many of these kolam patterns are highly intricate and may require a substantial amount of time to be drawn across a large surface.

Unlike rangolis in which colored powder is used to fill the rangoli patterns, kolams predominantly are of only one colour – white, since only rice powder is used. Some may use red sand mixed with water (called semmann) to add colour to these designs.

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